Alive @ 25 Class Wednesday, September 28

Both classes on Sept. 14 are full. We've added another class on Wed., Sept 28.

If  a student pays their fees including parking and enroll in the Alive @ 25 class, they are eligible to receive a free temporary pass until the Alive @ 25 class is completed. The temporary tag will have an ending date on the day they have registered to take the Alive @ 25 class. If a student was unable to sign up for the Sept. 14 class at SV, they can sign up for the Sept. 28 class. Check with Ms.Smith in C-148 to fill out the "Parking Agreement Form" and to see if you are eligible for the temporary pass. All students who complete the Alive @ 25 class will receive their permanent tag. Any student parking on the SV campus without either a temporary or permanent tag will be ticketed. If a student has multiple offenses, their car may be towed.You can register online at or call them at 803-732-6778