2016-2017 Impact Aid Program Survey Form

Richland School District Two schools are funded primarily by local taxes. However, due to the large federal presence in our area and the tax exemptions available to federally-connected personnel, businesses, and agencies; Richland School District Two is eligible to apply for federal Impact Aid funds. Impact Aid is a federal program designed to assist local school districts that enroll federally connected students. Federally connected students are children of active duty uniformed services personnel, children who live on federal property, and children whose parents work on federal property. The Impact Aid Program funds become a part of Richland School District Two’s general operating budget and are critical to maintaining high standards for educational excellence.
We need your assistance in identifying students with federal connections. The information provided on this form is confidential. It is available only to school officials and will be used solely to complete our request for Impact Aid funds under Title VII of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

The survey form will be handed out to the students this week.   

Please complete a separate survey form for each school-aged student in your household.

  • Sections A, B & D if either parent/guardian of the student is an active member of the US uniformed services.
  • Sections A, C & D if either parent/guardian of the student is a civilian working on federal property.
  • Parents do not have to fill out the form if neither parent/guardian of the student is an active member of the US uniformed services or works on federal property.
These are examples of federal property: Headquarters, USATC & Fort Jackson, J. Bratton Davis, U. S. Bankruptcy Courthouse, Matthew J. Perry U. S.Courthouse, McEntire Joint National Guard Base, Savannah River Site, Shaw Air Force Base, Strom Thurmond Federal Building, Strom Thurmond U. S. Courthouse, Veterans Administration Regional Office, Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center.

Click here for a copy of the Impact Aid Survey Form.