High School Nation Tour

On October 25th Spring Valley was given a huge gift from an organization called High School Nation, housed in California.

They hand-selected our school to participate in a school-wide 2 hour art and music festival, completely free to our school! Not only that; they presented our fine arts department with a $10,000 check for any supplies/tools/instruments we need to fund our program! It's an amazing gift, as they only select 50 high schools a year for these festivals.

There was live music and breakdancing performances. Vendors set up stations for students to paint, screenprint tshirts/hats, learn about animation, the green screen, how to play instruments like drums and guitar, how to do sound recording, etc. There was also a Question/Answer session before the festival, in the auditorium, in which real people in the music and arts industry spoke to students about making it in the real world.