Chromebooks Summer Take Home Program

Attention Spring Valley Parents & Guardians,

Spring Valley High School students will participate in a summer take home program for Chromebooks this year. This means that non-graduating students will be keeping their school-issued Chromebooks over the summer.

Here is some basic information about our summer take-home program:

  • Graduating Seniors are not eligible to participate in the summer take-home program.
  • Underclassmen student devices will be evaluated before the end of the school year.  
  • If the computer needs any major repairs these repairs will need to be completed before May 12th so the Chromebook is ready to take home at the end of the school year.  
  • The optional Chromebook Protection Premium Plan covers one incident of accidental damage from Aug 20, 2016, to August 21, 2017.
  • A second or subsequent accidental damage, incident, loss, or theft is not covered by the premium and the student will be responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement.
  • If the premium was not paid this school year students can still take home Chromebooks with the understanding that they are responsible for any damage.
  • If you do not wish for your child to participate in the summer take home program, you will need to contact Andrea Clutts in writing through email at: Please include your child’s full name in the email.

Thank you!