No Late Start TOMORROW

There will be no Late Start on Wednesday, May 24th due to exams. Please make a note of it. First period begins at 8:40 AM. Please check the exam schedule below for all exam times.

Wednesday May 24, 2017

Early Bird EXAM 7:30-8:25
(Early Bird Teachers may opt to give part of the exam on Tuesday, May 23rd, during EB classes)
1st Period EXAM 8:40-10:40
2nd Period class 10:45-11:23
3rd Period class 11:28 -12:06 
LUNCH 12:06-12:41
4th Period  class  12:46–1:24 
5th Period class 1:29 – 2:07 
6th Period class 2:12 – 2:50 
7th  Period class 2:55 – 3:33