College/School Of The Week

CLEMSON UNIVERSITY - College of Engineering & Science: Since the first degrees were granted in 1896, Clemson engineers and scientists have made significant contributions to South Carolina, the nation and the world. CoES was formed in 1995, joining the engineering disciplines with the chemistry, computer science, geological science, mathematical science, and physics and astronomy departments.  The College of Engineering and Science (CoES) is made up of 15 schools and departments, but the unique structure of combining engineering and science programs within one college has led to an uncommon ability to provide a team-based, integrated approach to teaching and research.

 Scientists and engineers are working together to find more efficient solutions. Detailed descriptions of curricula and program objectives can be found in the University Undergraduate Catalog and on the graduate school program Web page. Engineering Departments within the CoES are as follows:
Automotive Engineering
Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineering
Civil Engineering
School of Computing
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineering and Science Education
Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
General Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Mathematical Sciences
Mechanical Engineering
Physics and Astronomy

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MIDLANDS TECHNICAL COLLEGE - MTC offers certifications and associates degrees to assist a student in obtaining a career in the manufacturing industry. Some of the Associates Degree programs are as follows: Automotive Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Heating/Ventilation/AC Technology, Machine Tool Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology. Certificate Programs include the following: Advanced Manufacturing Automation, Alternative Energy Technology Principles, Basic Electrical Wiring, Basic Electronics, Chemical Technology, Digital Systems, Engineering Science, Environmental Systems Technology, Fundamentals of Robotics, Geomatics, HVAC, Machining, Machine Tool (Bench Work/Lathe Operations), Mechanical Systems Dynamics, etc.   If you want to find out more about Manufacturing related associates degrees and certifications, please contact Midlands Technical College at (803)738-8324.