Spring Valley's Math Team Earns 1st Place

Spring Valley's Math Team earned 1st Place (among all Division 1 high school competitors) in the 2013 USC High School Math Contest.  The contest was composed of a 1.5 hour exam and a 1.5 hour ciphering round.  Spring Valley math team claimed 4 spots in the Top 16 written exam scores and received Garnet and Black medallions.  Those students were Richard Chen, Gregory Rassolov, Jenning Chen (8th grader from Dent Middle school), and David Qu (team captain).  Richard Chen ranked 3rd over all examinees earning a $100 check, plaque, and a $2,000 scholarship to study math, science, engineering, or some other College of Science field if he decides to attend USC.  This year's math team was composed of 12 students who went through a rigorous prep and training for 18 weeks on Wednesday for an hour and more for private studying.  These students were:  David Qu, Gregory Rassolov, Richard Chen, Miheer Bavare, Sarah Lee, Jenning Chen, Courtney Noh, Grace Smith, Surabhi Poola, Guillermo Pineda, Andrew White, and Mohommad Arammash.  

Congratulations to the team mates, Coach Matt Owens, David Qu (lead captain), math teachers, and parents for the their support and training during contest prep season. Spring Valley has claimed 2nd or 3rd Place for many consecutive years, but the 1st Place Victory made this team's legacy impacting.  USC's contest questioning is believed by the team to be the hardest contest among all SC High School contests hosted by college statewide.  Great Job Spring Valley Math Team!