Spring Valley Welcomes Students From Cali, Colombia

On Wednesday, January 16th, Spring Valley received 12 students from Cañaverales International School in Cali, Colombia as part of a sister-school international exchange program through Partners of the Americas.   As part of the exchange program, Spring Valley also received exchange teacher Ms. Margara Castilla.  Ms. Castilla, an English Literature teacher from Cañaverales, will teach Spanish at Spring Valley.   The Colombian students and their teacher will attend Spring Valley for nine weeks and reside with families in the Northeast community.   Some of the families who received an exchange student from Cali have also sent a child to Colombia to study.
On Sunday, January 20th Spring Valley sent six students to Cañaverales International School, accompanied by Spring Valley Spanish teacher Gloria Ham.  Mrs. Ham will teach English Literature while in Cali.