Spring Valley Future Health Professionals (HOSA) Earns National Recognition

Front Row, Left to Right: Arya Soman, Tanvi Mehta, Nerielle Legaspi
Back Row, Left to Right: Akhil Mohan, Nabihah Kumte, Guillermo Pineda, Priyanka Rao, Rebekah Eaton, Sadie Meeks, Leila Yazdi

Ten students and 3 advisors attended the 38th Annual HOSA National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California. The students represented South Carolina in the competitive events program and earned National Titles for their school, district and state! 

Students must first earn First, Second, or Third place at the SC HOSA State Leadership Conference held each spring to earn the honor of representing SC in their event at the national conference.  Spring Valley students won three of the four event medals earned by the state of SC. The national conference was attended by more than 5,800 students. 

The competitive events programs includes 56 different events in 5 different categories. In many cases, events consist of two rounds and students must be among the top 20 competitors to advance to Round two at the state and national events.

Front Row, Left to Right: Tanvi Mehta, Nerielle Legaspi, Rebekah Eaton, Priyanka Rao
Back Row, Left to Right: Layne Bee, Lorie McDuffie, Nabihah Kumte, Guillermo Pineda, Arya Soman, Sadie Meeks, Leila Yazdi, Akhil Mohan, Mary Morgan

National Awards:

Second Place - Community Emergency Response Team: Guillermo Pineda & Akhil Mohan

Second Place - Researched Persuasive Speaking: Tanvi Mehta

Third Place - Clinical Specialty: Nerielle Legaspi

Additional Recognitions:

Top Ten - Career Health Display: Sadie Meeks and Leila Yazdi

Barbara James Service Award (Community Service):
            Nerielle Legaspi
            Tanvi Mehta
            Priyanka Rao

“Outstanding HOSA Chapter”

“Certificate of Merit” -  HOSA National Service Project

Advisors: Mary Morgan, Layne Bee, and Lorie McDuffie

Students: Rebekah Eaton, Nabihah Kumte, Neriele Legaspi, Sadie Meeks, Tanvi Mehta,
Akhil Mohan, Guillermo Pineda, Priyanka Rao, Arya Soman, Leila Yazdi

The students worked hard but were also able to take advantage of many fun and  educational opportunities such as conference symposiums, a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific, Whale Watching, etc.