Today's Schedule

At 8:40: ALL students will report directly to their assigned locations

Seniors: Main Gym Senior Activities:  senior breakfast, senior meeting @ graduation, senior counseling info, fun activities, photo shoot

Juniors: 3rd floor testing locations/ MPR testing location Junior Activities:  ACT Testing

Sophomores:  2nd floor testing locations Sophomore Activities: Combo SAT/ACT Practice Testing

Freshmen: 1st floor testing locations, 3 classes to 2nd floor (rooms C236, C232, C234) Sophomore Activities:  PSAT Practice Testing

Seniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen should finish testing by 12:45 (time is estimated)
Once all classrooms have completed the practice testing, we will release seniors, sophomores, and freshmen to go to lunch (40 minutes)
*12:45-1:25 :  Lunch for seniors, sophomores, & freshmen
1:30:  Seniors will return to the main gym; sophomores & freshmen will return to their testing room with their homeroom teacher.

*2:20 – Bell will ring to go to classes as follows 
(dependent on completion of junior testing):
*5th period   2:25 - 2:45 (20 min.)
*6th period   2:50 - 3:09 (19 min.)
*7th period   3:14 – 3:33 (19 min.)

Junior testing should last until 1:45. When all students have completed testing, juniors will be dismissed to lunch (40 minutes).

*ALL TIMES ARE TENTATIVE – we will adjust as needed to accommodate testing.