Please read over the following information carefully.

1. Attendance at the Senior Assembly is mandatory for all seniors who are participating in the Graduation ceremony. This is assembly will serve as the only rehearsal for Graduation and all seniors are REQUIRED to be present.

2. All seniors must be in the Auxiliary Gym by 7:45am on Friday, May 26th. You will be lined up in alphabetical order similar to the way you will be lined up at Graduation.

3. The Senior Assembly will begin at 9:00am.

4. All seniors are to “DRESS TO IMPRESS” Graduation gowns ARE NOT REQUIRED! This will be a nice event designed to honor your accomplishments and you should dress accordingly. Gentlemen should wear shirts and ties and ladies should wear dresses, skirts, and/or suits under your gown. All attire must meet dress code requirements (see page 12 of the linked handbook)!

5. If you are late or not dressed appropriately, you will not be allowed to sit on the floor with the seniors.

6. Any senior who misbehaves during the assembly (yelling, catcalling, boos, etc.) will be escorted from the assembly and will be disciplined.

7. Seniors will not be allowed to sign out after the Assembly ends. You must complete the “Sign out Permission Form” and return it to Mrs. Cermack in Attendance. Forms may be picked up in the Attendance Office. If you fail to do this, a parent will have to be present to physically sign you out. You will not be allowed to call home.